Cancel an Appointment

To cancel an appointment you can:

1. Call us on 01225 435 757 and select option 2, then you can leave a message on the cancellation line.

2. Cancel using the link provided in your SMS appointment reminder. 

3. Cancel your appointment through the NHS app or your online services

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Urgent Appointments

Medical emergencies will always be dealt with on the same day.

Please call the surgery, use the NHS app or use our PATCH's tool and make our staff aware of the urgency of the appointment.


Telephone Appointments 

Many patient concerns can be addressed by a telephone consultation. You will be given an approximate appointment time when the GP will call you back to discuss your health needs. We will endeavour to call within a 1 hour window of the allocated appointment time and we will endeavour to call twice if you are unable to answer the first time within that window.


Home Visits

Doctors will visit patients at home if they are housebound or genuinely too unwell to come to the surgery.

Home visits are, however, very time consuming and reduce the number of appointments we are able to offer. Doctors can see around five patients at the surgery in the time taken for one home visit.  At home we do not have full records and equipment so care is generally better delivered in the surgery.

For these reasons we ask you to request a visit only if you genuinely cannot get to the surgery due to illness or immobility.

We do not consider transport difficulties a sufficient justification for a home visit and it is quite safe to bring a child with a fever to the surgery.

If you think you need a home visit please call the surgery where we will be able to put you through to a duty doctor to discuss your needs.  Visits are undertaken by both GP's and Emergency Care Practitioners.


Emergency Care Practitioners


We have a team of nurse and paramedic practitioners who are there to help look after you when you are ill. They are highly trained clinicians specialising in acute illness and will deal with most patients who need an emergency appointment on any day, they are supported by the emergency doctor. 

Our emergency care practitioners also support our GP's with home visits and visits to nursing homes.