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Trowbridge Health Centre does not offer a Travel Vaccination Service or advice.


Please make an appointment with a Private Travel Vaccination Service for advice on which vaccinations you require and obtain a vaccination schedule from the clinic.


If you require your vaccination history, please register for our online services so you can view your previous vaccination details (you can do this in person at reception or over the telephone). If you do not have online access the Reception team can print a copy for you to collect.


There are a small number of vaccines available on the NHS, however you must have had all of your private vaccinations first & obtain the vaccination schedule for anything remaining.  We will not be able to administer any vaccines without written evidence of their recommendations.


We will then book a telephone consultation for you with our Immunisation Nurse to discuss your requirements from the schedule. The Nurse will liaise with our supplier to order the vaccines you require & arrange a suitable appointment. Please be aware this process can take up to 3 months.

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Further Travel Information

The following websites will give you additional travel advice

Travel Health for information of vaccinations available on NHS

MASTA for private vaccination clinics for specific country travel advice

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